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Stump Jump Plough Alma invented by James Winchester Stott
Stump Jump Plough

This  website was initially constructed for the Stott family, based in Adelaide, South Australia, however it has now been expanded to include other areas of the Stott family both interstate and outside of Australia.

Also included is the Scottish side of our family and whatever verifiable information that may be gleaned from others on both the South African side and the Canadian side .

Although there are a few very tragic stories associated with some of the families such as deaths at sea and whole families of child deaths there are also some very uplifting stories by both the Australian family line and the Canadian family line.

On the front page is the Scottish Stott family crest and the Stump Jump Plough which was originally invented by James Winchester Stott and manufactured in his blacksmith shop at Alma in the mid north of South Australia. Whilst the family home is still standing the blacksmith shop has long gone. However, there is a stump jump plough and cultivator invented by James Winchester Stott on display at Owen just 11k down the road from the old family home.

Many thanks to Hazel Milne in Aberdeen  and Andrew Stott in Spey Bay Scotland for the help they have given me to put the Scottish side of the family up on this site as well as information on both the South African side and the Canadian side of the family.

I would also like to thank the people on “Genes Reunited” for their help and the incredible research done for me by “My Ain Folk”. For further information click on the link below.

website: www.myainfolk.com


I was always under the impression that there was no Stott tartan until I came across this:



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The Stott Family: Adelaide, South Australia