Australian Family History

Details at the top of the tree are very difficult to get because of the lack of records available in Scotland and elsewhere.

This story begins in Aberdeen Scotland with the marriage of

James Stott                   to          Isabella Hutcheon
b c 1743                                          b c 1745
m 1800
d    ???                                               d  ????

At this point in time it is only possible to verify the existence of one son:

James Stott      who married      Elspet Rodger
b 1773                                                   b c 1780
m 1800
d c 1857                                             d c 1829

After Elspet died he married Ann Thom but did not have any children by her.

James and Elspet had 8 children James, Isobel, Jane, George, John, Catherine, William and Robert.  All of these remained in Scotland except for James Stott who migrated to Australia and this is where the Australian story begins. It will be covered under the drop down menus of South Australian Family, Victorian Family, New South Wales Family and Western Australian Family.

Their first child James Stott born in 1830 married Elspeth Ross born 1805 and they had 5 children James Winchester Stott b 1830, George Stott b 1830, Christina A Stott b 1832, William Stott b 1834 and Elspeth Stott b 1837. After Elspeth died c 1839 he then married Isabella Dawson b c 1810 and they had 5 children William Stott b 1841, Ann Stott b 1843, John Stott b 1848, Mary Stott b 1850 who died at sea and Francis Stott b 1854 who was born at sea. James, Isabella and the families from both marriages migrated to South Australia on the ship John Bunyan, 981 tons, Captain McBurnie, from Liverpool 13th February 1854, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 22nd May 1854.

James Winchester Stott migrated to Australia in approximately 1852 to Geelong where he met and married Agnes Baird and had a son James. He then sent for his father who migrated to South Australia on the John Bunyan with the rest of the family except for George who stayed in Scotland and the line continued on down there through him. James Winchester and his family then relocated to South Australia.

The Stott Family: Adelaide, South Australia