James Stott

James Stott
b: 15 JUL 1854
d: 22 AUG 1938
He eventually moved to Brinkworth where he had a very successful blacksmithing business. Both he and Margaret are buried there.
The first church service in Brinkworth was conducted in his Blacksmith shop.
All of the children in the Brinkworth area referred to James and Margaret as Daddy Stott and Mummy Stott because they were so highly respected by all who knew them.
The Advertiser (Adelaide), 12 September 1938:
Mr. James Stott, 84, who died at Brinkworth on August 22, was born at Geelong (Vic). He came to Alma with his father. Mr. James Winchester Stott. and there they conducted farming for a while, and then opened a blacksmith's shop. Mr. Stott was associatedwith his father in the inventing and manufacturing of many farm implements, for which they gained many awards in Sydney, Adelaide, and Calcutta (India) It was claimed that the plans of the first stump-jump plough made in South Australia were drawn in the sand at Alma Plains, and manufactured by Mr. J. W. Stott, his son James assisting him. In his day Mr Stott was considered the best black smith mechanic in the State, and his large stock of tools was made by himself. In 1875 he married Margaret McGregor, eldest daughter of James McGregor, also of Alma. In August, 1894, Mr. Stott went to Brinkworth and opened a blacksmith's shop, of which he had charge till a few years before his death.
He was a keen gardener and a great advocate of tree-planting. He took a keen interest in all local movements, and was secretary of the first committee formed to build the Brinkworth District Hall in 1895. He was an enthusiastic cricketer, and played with the Alma team against W. G. Grace's team on the Adelaide Oval. He left three sons and three daughters - G. W. Stott (Brighton). J. Stott (Brompton Park). W. M. Stott (Clarence Park). Mrs. A. Bastian (Booleroo Centre), Mrs. R, E. Bowering (Millicent). and Mrs. P. W. Tornquist (Brinkworth). There are 16 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.
  • 15 JUL 1854 - Birth - ; Geelong Municipality, Victoria, Australia
  • 22 AUG 1938 - Death - ; Brinkworth, Wakefield, South Australia, Australia
James Stott
11 JUN 1803 - 27 DEC 1895
James Winchester Stott
27 APR 1830 - 24 MAR 1907
Elspeth Ross
1805 - 1839
James Stott
15 JUL 1854 - 22 AUG 1938
Agnes Baird
5 SEP 1820 - 30 JUN 1860
Descendancy Chart
James Stott b: 15 JUL 1854 d: 22 AUG 1938
Margaret Watson McGregor b: 20 SEP 1852 d: 21 JUL 1934
Maggie Anne Stott b: 30 SEP 1889 d: 12 AUG 1962
Frederick William Tornquist b: 4 APR 1886 d: 12 JUL 1962
William McGregor Stott b: 25 JUL 1886 d: 2 APR 1965
Rose May Harris b: 1886 d: 26 SEP 1948
John Stott b: 3 JAN 1884 d: 28 AUG 1943
Edith Mabel May Tilbrook b: 4 MAY 1884 d: 16 DEC 1943
James Winchester Stott b: 29 MAY 1881 d: 11 AUG 1897
Edith Jane Stott b: 29 DEC 1879 d: 25 APR 1965
Richard Ellis Bowering b: 22 DEC 1870 d: 27 AUG 1946
William Stott Bowering b: 4 SEP 1917 d: 12 AUG 1992
George Winchester Stott b: 29 JUL 1878 d: 15 JUN 1959
Lillie May Pinnington b: 23 SEP 1878 d: 1 MAR 1951
William Henry Stott b: 18 MAY 1913 d: 20 JUL 2000
Mavis Paige b: 1913 d: 2006
Lilly May Stott b: 3 APR 1909 d: 19 SEP 1969
Margaret Joan McGregor Stott b: 2 OCT 1907 d: 22 SEP 1962
Roy Neil Griffith b: 2 MAR 1902 d: 16 JAN 1967
James Winchester Stott b: 1901 d: 26 JUL 1964
Dorothea May Maggs b: 9 NOV 1905 d: 24 MAR 1991
Edna May Bradfield b: 21 NOV 1907 d: 1934
Albert Stott b: 1934 d: 1934
Elsie Aurelia Mary Stott b: 22 APR 1877 d: 25 JUL 1951
Alfred Bastian b: 29 OCT 1874 d: 23 JUN 1955
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) James Winchester Stott
Birth27 APR 1830Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Death24 MAR 1907 Stepney Sth. Aus.
Marriage18 SEP 1853to Agnes Baird at Yarra St; Geelong; Victoria
Marriage3 JUL 1865to Anne Hutchins at Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Adelaide, South Australia
FatherJames Stott
MotherElspeth Ross
PARENT (F) Agnes Baird
Birth5 SEP 1820Lanarkshire, Scotland
Death30 JUN 1860 Nr. Templars Sth. Aus.
Marriage18 SEP 1853to James Winchester Stott at Yarra St; Geelong; Victoria
FatherAlexander Baird
MotherJanet Turnbull
FIsabella Margaret Stott
Birth23 AUG 1856Australia
Death15 MAY 1939Snowtown, South Australia
Marriage5 MAY 1881to Henry Sydney Stratford Eyre at Residence of Mrs Stott at Alma South Australia
FChristina Stott
Birth19 AUG 1858Nr Templers Sth Australia
Death17 FEB 1941Nedlands, Western Australia
Marriage10 JUN 1880to Arthur Edwin Hill Millar at Baptist Manse, Gawler, South Australia
MJames Stott
Birth15 JUL 1854Geelong Municipality, Victoria, Australia
Death22 AUG 1938Brinkworth, Wakefield, South Australia, Australia
Marriage5 DEC 1875to Margaret Watson McGregor at Res. JW Stott Alma
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) James Stott
Birth15 JUL 1854Geelong Municipality, Victoria, Australia
Death22 AUG 1938 Brinkworth, Wakefield, South Australia, Australia
Marriage5 DEC 1875to Margaret Watson McGregor at Res. JW Stott Alma
FatherJames Winchester Stott
MotherAgnes Baird
PARENT (F) Margaret Watson McGregor
Birth20 SEP 1852Dalkieth, MIDLOTHIAN, Scotland
Death21 JUL 1934 Brinkworth, Wakefield, South Australia, Australia
Marriage5 DEC 1875to James Stott at Res. JW Stott Alma
FatherJames McGregor
MotherJean Greenshields
FMaggie Anne Stott
Birth30 SEP 1889Booleroo Centre, South Australia
Death12 AUG 1962Brinkworth, Wakefield, South Australia, Australia
Marriage14 OCT 1920to Frederick William Tornquist at Methodist Church, BRINKWORTH, South Australia
MWilliam McGregor Stott
Birth25 JUL 1886Alma Plains, South Australia
Death2 APR 1965South Australia, Australia
Marriage24 JUL 1920to Rose May Harris at St Pauls Church, Adelaide, Sth Australia
MJohn Stott
Birth3 JAN 1884Alma Plains, South Australia
Death28 AUG 1943
Marriage12 JUN 1909to Edith Mabel May Tilbrook at St Matthews Church Kensington
MJames Winchester Stott
Birth29 MAY 1881Alma Plains, South Australia
Death11 AUG 1897Brinkworth South Australia
FEdith Jane Stott
Birth29 DEC 1879Alma South Australia
Death25 APR 1965Woodville Hospital Sth. Aus.
Marriage28 MAR 1910to Richard Ellis Bowering at Methodist Church, BRINKWORTH, South Australia
MGeorge Winchester Stott
Birth29 JUL 1878Alma Plains, South Australia
Death15 JUN 1959Royal Adelaide Hospital
Marriage28 DEC 1903to Lillie May Pinnington at res of Henry Pinnington Glenelg
FElsie Aurelia Mary Stott
Birth22 APR 1877Alma Plains, South Australia
Death25 JUL 1951Booleroo Centre; Sth. Australia
Marriage9 SEP 1908to Alfred Bastian at Residence of James Stott at Brinkworth Sth. Aus.
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