Scottish Family History

James William StottThe story begins in circa 1765  with the marriage of James Stott and Isabella Hutcheon because this is the earliest record that I can find. I have not been able to find either of their parents or siblings.

They had a son James born 1773 who married Elspet Rodger in 1800 in Tarves, Aberdeeshire, Scotland and they had 8 children who included Isobel Stott born 1801,James Stott born 1803,Jane Stott born 1806, George Stott  born 1806,John Stott born 1808, Catherine Stott and William Stott born 1811 and Robert Stott born 1812 .

The afore mentioned families seem to have died out because no further records may be found for them. Thanks to help from Hazel Milne nee Bucklay the grand daughter of James William Stott I have been able to fill in much of the detail leading on from this side of the family. I also received help via research done by “My Ain Folk” which was also very helpful. I should also acknowledge the help of both Andrew Stott and Irene Grant both of whom I was lucky enough to meet during my trip to Scotland in August of 2014.

James Stott and all of his family migrated to Australia except for his son George Stott born 1830  who remained in Scotland and the line continued there. tragically some of the lines died out very early due to multiple child deaths or drowning’s at sea as will be noted. George  was a master blacksmith as was his father and many of his sons. He married Jane Turnbull and they had 10 children so the line down continued In Scotland through this marriage and the story continues with his descendants. The children from this marriage were George Stott born 1867, Elizabeth Stott born 1869, Jane Bruce Stott born 1872, James William Stott born 1873, James Stott born 1874, Jessie Stott born 1876, William Stott b 1878 d 1879, William Stott born 1880, Robert Stott born 1882 and Frank Stott born 1885.    

Although Elizabeth Stott (b 1836) the daughter of Robert Stott had children “Census records indicate that Elizabeth Stott had no children with her second husband, James Ingram. As none of Elizabeth’s children had children, it appears that Elizabeth has no living descendants.

No marriage or death records for James Stott (b 1839) the son of Robert can be located and his indicates that he died in the period of 1851-1854 or that he left Scotland prior to 1861. It is likely that he has no living descendants.

Robert Stott (b 1841) the son of Robert had 4 children all of which died under the age of 6yrs and so this line ceases with those deaths. Both Robert and his wife Agnes died in the Sunnyside Lunatic Asylum, Montrose, Angus.

It appears that George Thomas Elder Stott (b 1843) may have married his cousin Elizabeth Stott in 1870 at Tranmere, Cheshire, England and there are no more records for these two.

There are many tragic stories of children’s early deaths in the Stott families as there are deaths from drowning at sea.

The family and descendants that will be concentrated on from here on is that of James William Stott (b 1873)

Stott graves at Fetterangus George Stott and some of his family are buried in the family grave at Fetter Angus.
 James William Stott James William Stott was a master blacksmith and plied his trade in Fetter Angus where he and his wife  Amelia lived and raised their family.  
 photo (2) James William’s family home still stands at Fetter Angus and in 2014 Hazel and Ian Milne took both my wife Heather and me to see it. The owners even allowed us to have a look inside.
Stott grave Fetterangus James William and Amelia are both buried in the same cemetery as George but in their own plot.

Frank the son of James William migrated to Canada with his wife and children so this part of the story will be continued under the Canadian link.

The only member of this family that I have been able to trace fully is James William Stott who married Amelia Russell.  They had 6 children James William Stott born 1902 (migrated to South Africa), Frank Stott born 1903 (migrated to Canada), Bertram G Stott born 1905, Alice Amelia Stott born 1906, Dorothy G Stott born 1916 and Violet May Stott.

 Dorothy ( husband James Grant and Irene’s mum ),  Alice (James William’s 1837 wife and Judith’s mum) and Violet (Robert Bucklay’s wife and Hazel’s mum)


  News paper article on the marriage of Judith


 Amelia Russell wife of James William Stott of Fetter Angus.


The Stott Family: Adelaide, South Australia