Stott Coat of Arms

The Stott Family Crest
The Stott Family Crest

“The Stott crest is a Blue Martlet bird with the motto ‘alta petit’ (aim at high things)… The Stott family history in Aberdeen goes back to the 1500’s and the coat of arms which goes back more than 800 years. The Coat of Arms has three red gules on 3 gold vertical bands and a red heart above in the nape. ALL old Scottish crests were fairly simple affairs (and they had to be ….. so that they could be replicated) as they were mainly painted on to identify their troops in battle. The original Stott family was despised (and feared) by the English because it was fiercely patriotic and it was the same Stott family that fought and supported Wallace and Bruce and it is the same family who were hounded, persecuted, slaughtered & ethnically cleansed by the English occupying force for centuries and they were one of about 100 Scottish Clans followers of Scottish monarchy who they tried to completely obliterate.” We have yet to check the validity of the following writing, but have reposted it from the original article found here “Like so many famous historic Scottish names the English changed or distorted their crests, the spelling of their names. They also humiliated them by issuing derogatory & demeaning histories to replace the real history. Quite often they would say that a family originated from some part of England ( a real insult to a Scottish patriot) but the only Stotts that may have been in England before 1300 were the ones who stayed on to manage the lands captured from them when Wallace moved south to York sweeping all before him. Another ploy to try and demean the warrior clans was to give a name eg Stott a derogatory meaning eg because they looked after the cattle or the man who is a servant or a traitor, informer etc. and to this day many Scottish surnames have this propaganda still falsely attached to their name. However the English couldn’t read the Gaelic nor did they understand it and their great failure. When they invented new spellings of the names and titles, deeds etc and gave them to their friends (and collaborators) they did not know that there were only 19 letters in the Gaelic alphabet and so MORE than half the supposedly genuine CLAN names (still in existence) now are absolutely phoney. Similarly they mocked the great chiefs by putting Mac (meaning Son of) at the front of their names and called that the Official Clan because they were often able to manipulate (blackmail) the young sons who had been captured with the mothers and family when they were sent to a safe haven by the warring chiefs. So famous Clans like Donald, Dougal, Ronald etc became MacDonald and MacDougall etc to try and embarrass the chiefs. Often when you see a professed GENUINE Scottish name with a J , K or W etc in the spelling … be sure that it is an English name not a Scottish one because the letters don’t exist in the alphabet of the mother tongue. Yet when this is pointed out to the present Clan Chiefs they ignore it. You must remember that since 1707 that the crown is still English, the overseers are English and the phoney Clan Chiefs are descended from the ones the English put into power and so the myth is still perpetuated. We will of course never know the whole; absolute truth but we do know the crests and coat of arms of Stott are originally from this land and they bear no resemblance to the shield you have on display. Anyone who informs you to the contrary is wrong.” originally posted at

The following has been added to show the crests of all associated families.

Stott        McGregor      Maggs         Millar       Eyre       Baird

Bowering      Fuller      Murray

The Stott Family: Adelaide, South Australia