Stott Family Story

When I originally started to do my family tree on genes reunited I had no idea how addictive it would become. I was under the impression that the whole family had migrated out from Aberdeen in Scotland to South Australia on the John Bunyan in 1854.

How wrong was I?

James Winchester Stott migrated to Australia on an unknown ship in 1851 to the Victorian gold fields then moved to Geelong and after he had been there for some time sent for his father James in Aberdeen Scotland to join him in the new colony. He then shifted to South Australia with his family to be with his father and siblings and this is where the story begins for the Australian side.

The one son George who remained in Scotland continued the line there and thanks to some great help by the people on genes reunited, Hazel Milne, Andrew and Irene of Aberdeen I have been able to fill in some of the gaps on that side of the family.

One son stayed in Aberdeen and one side of his family migrated to South Africa but details of this family are hard to find and another side migrated to Canada and details of this family are also hard to find.

As a result of this the site will tell four different stories as accurately as possible: Any verifiable information gleaned from others will be included when time permits

  1. The Australian Stott family
  2. The Scottish Stott family
  3. The South African Stott family
  4. The Canadian Stott family


The Stott Family: Adelaide, South Australia